Wellness Exams


We value yearly examinations very highly to be sure your pet is healthy and to detect problems early. This will help us to be able to advise you on what is best for your pet for the different stages of their life.

Preventative Care


The best way to keep your pet healthy is to prevent problems before they occur whenever possible.  This can be accomplished through yearly examinations, vacccinating against diseases that occur in our area,  performing dental prophylaxis, and monitoring blood profiles.



Our in-house diagnostic machines give rapid results which allows us to start treatment as soon as possible.  Blood profiles performed prior to anesthesia help to ensure a good outcome with our procedures.  We also utilize outside laboratories when it is the best interest of you and your pet.

General Surgery


We perform many types of surgeries at the Boone County Veterinary Clinic.  We understand that surgery and anesthesia make many people nervous. We can monitor our surgeries with top of the line monitoring equipment which measures heart and respiratory rates, oxygen level, CO2, blood pressure, and body temperature to provide the safest anesthetic procedure possible.

Digital X-ray


Digital radiology is the most up-to-date x-ray method used.  It is very safe and results in radiographs of amazing quality for diagnostic purposes.

Dental Care


Healthy teeth are very important to the health of your pet.  Tarter and plaque can cause tooth damage and gum disease.  This can cause pain and discomfort to your pet.  Yearly exams and cleaning when needed can keep your pets mouth healthy. It also makes their breath smell better.

Payment Options

We gladly accept Credit/Debit cards, checks and cash. 

CareCredit is another payment option that many of our clients appreciate. It is a program that gives them the ability to make interest free payments for up to six months, providing flexibility for those unexpected visits to the clinic.

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We are currently in the process of expanding our ultrasound capabilities. This is another method used to help aid in the diagnosis of many diseases.   

Current Events


Summer is here, prevent fleas, ticks and heartworms.  We can show you how.

Emergency Services


 We strive to be available to our active and  current clients when an emergency occurs outside of our normal business hours. In this event, please call (870) 741-9475, and we will do our best to assist you. 





We offer a wide array of diets for the different needs and life stages of your pet.  We also carry therapeutic diets that often aid in the treatment of and recovery from certain health issues.